Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kitty Questions : LUNO

Sometimes the term Lo-fi doesn't quite cover an artist's approach to making music. Far across the Atlantic Ocean, a man strums a dissonant guitar, and sing-speaks his way through a slice of crackling American pie. Autumnal New England forests, a discarded private Polaroid on the cold ground, the sun is finally setting above the trees, as the city in the distance finally awakens...

He's LUNO!

1. What was the first record you personally bought?
Madonna's Like a Prayer. 20+ years later, the tape still smells of patchouli.

2. Which male musician is the most inspirational to you?
Roy Montgomery had a profound impact on me. His singles from the mid-90s are amazing, as well as the instrumental records he did around the same time for Siltbreeze. "Used To" (Wire Cover)

3. Which female musician is the most inspirational to you?
Polly Jean Harvey is one. She consistently delivers records that justify her lack of public presence and I think in this day and age that's so rare and confirmation of her brilliance. I don't need or want to know who a musician is with or what they get up to. I just like listening to records and hers have always been worth my time. "Uh Huh Her"...

4. Speaking retrospectively, which film do you think you could soundtrack with your music?
I love those American hygiene/decorum films from the 1950s, (i.e. brush your teeth, don't join a street gang, don't get the clap, etc.) I think my songs might work nicely in the scenes where the teens do the things they ought not do.

5. Show us the most recent photograph of yourself.
6. Can you sum-up your music with a photograph?
This photograph sums up a key period in my musical history. It was the cover of a record I made in 2007, which was certainly all about showing off how I was beating myself up at the time.

7. Imaginary dream dinner party / night out - who would you invite and why?
Maybe it's the city mouse/country mouse in me but I'd keep the two things separate. I'm a bit of a hermit, really, so a dinner party guestlist would be short, people I really like and find interesting, people who could all learn something from one another.
Ideally, for a night out, I head out alone, grab a coffee on the walk and collect people along the way, strangers, vague acquaintances, etc. (stranger the better...) and see where things go. I've found what can happen in reality on a night out or in, if one is open to the possibilities, can by far exceed imagination.

8. What are your top 3 songs on the theme of SEXUALITY? 
 "Fuck Off" by Wayne County & The Electric Chairs
"Cocoon" by Björk
"When 2 R in Love" by Prince

9. What's the funniest video you can find on Youtube? 
I love this girl:
She's preaching to the choir (or lack thereof) but it's nice to see Kirk Cameron is still around and just as brainwashed as he ever was.

10. Which 2 songs would you like played at your funeral?
"Afraid" by Nico
"Time" by Tom Waits

11. Can we have a photo of your record collection?
I switched over to one of those palm held digital things last year, so there isn't much to show. Instead, here's a photograph I took of a thrift shop window a few years back.

12. If you were a super-hero, what would you be called, what would you look like and most importantly, what would your super power be?
I think if I were a superhero, I'd be called Quiet Unassuming Fellow. I'd look just like I do, (except my trainers would be black instead of purple, more unassuming that way) and my superpowers would entail walking softly but nimbly and not speaking unless spoken to. Oh yes, and playing a mangled acoustic guitar very, very loudly. That's an important one.

13. Draw me a picture of a cat.
I'm such a disappointment in the picture drawing department! All my cat attempts turned out looking like pigs, so here's a photograph I took in my garden last summer.

14. Which song has the most positive and inspirational lyrics you can think of?
"Share the Good" by my friend Purrbot is one of the more genuinely inspirational songs I've heard lately.

Hear more of Luno's tracks here
or add him on twitter @nchaplin__

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