Monday, 27 June 2011

Kitty Questions : STE McCABE

Vibrant pop-punk politics glitter your ears, the candy-pink haze of a flailing Stratocaster catches the corner of your eye. Who could it be? He's the pro-feminist, cat-loving bubblegum-"queer" that you always dreamt existed.

1. What was the first record you personally bought?
Goodness, it was the debut album by Sinitta! I got it on tape when I was 8 and loved it for many years. I wish I'd have waited a few years to start buying music as answering this question is shameful.

2. Which male musician is the most inspirational to you?
Well despite the fact that Morrissey is slowly turning out to be a total wanker these days (did you hear those comments he made about Chinese people?), more or less everything he did with The Smiths and with his solo material I found to be the most beautiful inspiring pop music ever. Not many lyricists come close to his honesty and humour...and for that I have to continue to give him kudos for his past records. I just think in a personal sense he's let it all go to his head way too much and lots of his fans won't forgive that. Sadly I don't think I'll be supporting his new record.

3. Which female musician is the most inspirational to you?
Kathleen Hannah.  She made feminism something you can dance to, and her passion and rage is so inspiring to me. I have a lot of respect for her and give 10/10 for every single one of her bands and projects.

4. Speaking retrospectively, which film do you think you could soundtrack with your music?
I think 80's film "Who's That Girl" featuring Madonna. Fast paced, ridiculous and trashy. Despite my politics, musically that's a pretty good description of what I do.

5. Show us the most recent photograph of yourself.
This is me, my partner Lukasz and our friend Candy at Edinburgh Slutwalk last week.
6. Can you sum-up your music with a photograph?
Oh yes, this one was the cover of my last EP - sums it up perfectly I think!

7. Imaginary dream dinner party / night out - who would you invite and why?
I'd invite the girls (although I think women would be a more appropriate description now) from Shampoo, David Attenborough because I like his superior animal knowledge, Amanda Palmer because she seems like a laugh and Peter Tatchell to talk queer politics with when I inevitably got drunk (I have a habit of boring people with this last topic after 6 beers). I'm not sure they'd all get on but it'd be better than any Celebrity Big Brother ever was.

8. What is your top song on the theme of FOOD?
"Know Your Chicken" by Cibo Matto ("I know my chicken, you've got to know your chicken")

9. What's the funniest video you can find on Youtube?
This is surely the most ridiculous news story ever, and come to think of it, the news reporter is someone I'd like to add to the list of people I'm taking out on my dream dinner party/night out (see question 7)

10. Which 2 songs would you like played at your funeral?
 Well I've always said "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper is a must-have for any funeral, but I also think something depressing to make people wallow in their misery would be cruel but fun also, so I refer to an old Echobelly track about death called "Worms and Angels" here!

11. Can we have a photo of your record collection?
This is the bulk of my CD collection, although I have some vinyl and more CD's tucked away in another corner of the room.

12. If you were a super-hero, what would you be called, what would you look like and most importantly, what would your super power be?
Oh blimey, what a question! I'd be a great big fat swine called SuperPig, and I'd chase people down the road on my trotters, defecating pig poo at the speed of light at my enemies.

13. Draw me a picture of a cat.
My scanner is broke at the moment, so will this cute picture of our cats, Fox and Kathy, do instead?

14. Which song has the most positive and inspirational lyrics you can think of?
"Riot ladies, queers, let's fight. We won't judge but we might bite. Find a space with us tonight, find a space where we're alike"
(Faux Feminism by Manchester's best ever underground band, Vile Vile Creatures)

Monday, 20 June 2011

ARTIST BIO - Nicholas Ginbey

Known for his playful melodies and insightful lyrics about life and love, Nicholas is a true Austin artist whose proudest moment was performing with Daniel Johnston at the Parish.
Growing up in a home surrounded by art and music, Nicholas has been writing songs for as long as he can remember. As a solo artist and lead singer, Nicholas has written and performed with many of Austin’s finest musicians.
The consistent quality of his work has secured Nicholas’s reputation as one of Austin’s finest writers. His catalog contains over 100 songs that he has written from Americana to punk, each authentic and unique. Nicholas is currently the lead singer of the up-and-coming noise pop band, the Washed Away Stars.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

ARTIST BIO - Your Yellow Dress

New project of OC’s The Paper Orchestra founder Alex Poska, Your Yellow Dress’s latest full-length, “Orange County, We’re Nothing At All Like The Shows,” was released May 2009.

Your Yellow Dress is currently embarking on a project to record some sort of release about every county in California similar to Sufjan Steven’s 50 States project. The releases will vary from full length albums to EPs to singles, and as of now there are only 56 counties left to write about.

ARTIST BIO - Schwervon!

Schwervon! is a two piece rock band. Nan Turner (originally from Washington state) and Matt Roth (originally from Kansas) met at the Sidewalk Cafe in downtown Manhattan in the late 90’s. At the time Nan was playing in Post Riot Grrl band Bionic Finger and Matt was performing as Antifolk acoustic troubadour Major Matt Mason USA. After a series of “Jam Dates” at the now defunct Context Studios a handful of lofi rock sketches formed based around such banal topics as arguing couples on the street and food. The music of Schwervon! grew to represent the celebration of imperfect love through jagged rock minimalism. They were DIY long before it was a marketing strategy, mixing and recording the bulk of their music in their apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where they live with their cat Gummo. They call it Olive Juice Music where Matt also produces music for other bands and operates an online indie music distribution center. Both of them continue to play and release music with other solo projects and collaborations: (Pantsuit, Kansas State Flower, Nan Turner, Major Matt Mason USA)

Together, Schwervon! has produced 4 full length albums and 2 seven inch vinyl only singles

ARTIST BIO - Evan Gumz

Amateur musician dabbling with noise rock and electronic music, and generally trying to make a good impression on the internet. Based in Philadelphia.

ARTIST BIO - R. Stevie Moore

Robert Steven Moore (born January 18, 1952) is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. In addition to having numerous albums released on labels around the world, Moore has self-released over 400 cassette and CD-R albums, as well as dozens of home videos, mostly through the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, a home-based label. Moore lives and records in his home/studio in Bloomfield, New Jersey. He is the son of Bob Moore, veteran Nashville A-Team bassist, producer, and orchestra leader, as well as a longtime sideman for Elvis Presley.

In February 2005, newspaper writer Tammy LaGorce described Moore as a “lo-fi legend” in the New York Times.

Moore, born in Nashville, Tennessee, made his commercial recording debut at age seven, singing a duet with Jim Reeves entitled “But You Love Me, Daddy” on the RCA Victor album Songs to warm the heart.

Moore was gifted with intuitive proficiency for guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, and songwriting. In 1966, he began pursuing what would become his lifelong passion, home recording, using a reel-to-reel tape deck set up in his basement. In 1967, he formed his first band, The Marlborough (a rock combo). He also began working for his father as a studio musician, and as an assistant at Mimosa Music, his father’s music publishing company.

After dropping out of Vanderbilt University in 1971 to pursue a career as a professional artist, performer and entertainer Moore issued his home-recorded 1976 debut album Phonography on his uncle Harry “H.P.” Palmer’s HP Music label. The initial run was limited to 100 copies. Trouser Press gave the album rave reviews, calling it “an outrageous collection of musical brain spewage” and “a true slash of genius”. Moore moved from Nashville to New Jersey shortly afterwards, his uncle releasing two further collections, The Stance EP, and Delicate Tension in 1978 (Moore’s home tape releases continuing at the same time).

In 1996, in a gesture far overdue, “Phonography” was listed among “the fifty most significant indie records” in Rolling Stone’s Alt-Rock-A-Rama.

1980 saw an important tape release, Clack!, this time recorded professionally. In 1981, Moore set up the RSM Cassette Club as an outlet for his home-recorded work, making available all tapes recorded by Moore stretching back to 1968, each listed with a ‘listenability quotient’ rating from 1 to 10.

The next LP release was 1984’s What’s The Point?!! and in the same year Paris’ New Rose Records issued a double album compilation, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About R Stevie Moore But Were Afraid To Ask. The label described Moore as “one of the best songwriters of all time”.Everything proved particularly popular in France, with a single “Chantilly Lace” from the album becoming a minor sleeper hit there, and prompting Moore to undertake a promotional visit to the country, where he was welcomed with not insignificant adulation and press-buzz. Further albums followed in the 80s, including Verve, Glad Music (this time recorded in a professional studio), (1952-19??), and Teenage Spectacular (described by Moore then as “the most enjoyable project of my career”.)

During the 1980s Moore appeared sporadically on the Uncle Floyd TV show, a tongue-in-cheek, public-access style clown, puppet and variety show that broadcast out of New Jersey.

Moore was an early on-air personality at WFMU, an independent free-form radio station out of New Jersey.

Around 1988, Moore started working in home video, and he is now active on YouTube and MySpace.

The advent of CD-R as a medium for self-issued music brought Moore and his fans new enthusiasm for his home recording, and in 1999 the cassette club became the “R. Stevie Moore CDR Club” (CDRSMCLUB).

In 2002 Moore recorded an album with Half Japanese frontman Jad Fair, titled FairMoore, described as “a lovely, heartfelt effort that shows both in top form” by Dave Mandl, who stated that it “brings together two fiercely original figures in the American music underground”, the album consisting of Fair reciting his poetry over Moore’s instrumental backing.

Throughout the 2000s Moore, has continued to issue more official CD’s released on various independent labels around the world. He also worked on several mail collaborations with Terry Burrows (aka Yukio Yung), Ariel Pink, Lane Steinberg and others.

Moore contributed a track to the 2007 Worried Noodles compilation on Tomlab, alongside David Byrne, Deerhoof and Liars, compiled by British artist David Shrigley. Shrigley also interviewed Moore for BOMB Magazine magazine that year.

ARTIST BIO - Major Matt Mason

Major Matt Mason USA is the stage name for NYC based songwriter / producer Matt Roth’s solo projects. Inspired by the homemade tapes of Daniel Johnston, MMM’s first recordings appeared in cassette format around 1994. He as since released 5 full length albums (on CD and CDR) and two 7” singles on his own label Olive Juice Music and Teenage Fanclub drummer Francis MacDonald’s Glasgow based label Shoeshine Records. The music is riddled with influences that range from the paired down songwriting of early Bob Dylan to the more noisy elements of The Velvet Underground or Yo La Tengo. Matt is also a member of the bands Schwervon! and Kansas State Flower. The DIY spirit is a big part of MMM’s art and lifestyle as he continues to carve a niche for himself and others in the ever evolving stew of Modern American Folk music.

ARTIST BIO - Tinyfolk

Tinyfolk was the solo project of Russ W first in Bloomington, IN and then Chicago, IL from 2005 to 2011. Occasionally other people (Meghan L of iron like nylon, Jim L of Garden On A Trampoline) contributed as well. He currently performs in the band Pretty Swans.

ARTIST BIO - Keyboard Cathy

It’s funny how a single movie can inspire us to pursue our dreams. “Keyboard Cathy” Wiegand wandered into the 2005 film adaptation of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and walked out not itching to travel through space, but humming “So Long & Thanks for All the Fish,” the whimsical end credits song by Irish singer Neil Hannon—who just so happens to be the frontman of one of her favorite groups, The Divine Comedy.

The versatile singer/songwriter had performed at live benefits for years and had amassed a large catalog of instrumentals in her Roland E-600, but that fish song—and her lifelong love of sushi—led “Keyboard Cathy” to dust off her dreams and record her clever, quirky, sublimely melodic debut indie album Inspiration in 2006. Her irresistible new seven song EP Sushi Lover features “So Long & Thanks For All The Fish” (in case you missed it the first time!), revamped takes of “Eternity” and “Give a Little More,” the brand new “Miracle Worker” (an incisive satire about her former life in the corporate world) and two versions of her trademark “Sushi Lover”—the original and a high spirited, “extra spicy” house remix by the San Antonio band Hyperbubble.

When “Keyboard Cathy” initially put together her often visited myspace page, she picked the categories of “pop,” “showtunes” and “other”; all of them apply to some degree, but none truly capture the magical mix of heartfelt songwriting and witty observational storytelling that defines the New Jersey based performer’s diverse repertoire.

ARTIST BIO - Elastic No-No Band

Elastic No-No Band is an Anti-folk group based in New York City. Started in the mid-2000s, the band’s name was initially just a pseudonym for its current leader and main songwriter, Justin Remer. Since 2005, Elastic No-No Band has also included pianist Herb Scher and multi-instrumentalist Preston Spurlock. In 2005 and 2006, the band would perform sporadically with Clint Scheibner, who would play a bass drum attached to his chest, as though he were in a marching band. Since 2007, the band has included drummer Doug Johnson, who plays a standard drum kit.

Remer did a solo US tour as Elastic No-No Band during spring of 2008.

Remer initially used the name Elastic No-No Band as a personal pseudonym when he wrote and performed songs and film scores for some of his short films. These films include In Defense of Lemmings (2004) and Loved and/or Laid (2006).[3] Remer also contributed songs to the Troma films Tales from the Crapper (2004)[4] and Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2007)[5] as Elastic No-No Band.

ARTIST BIO - Last Days

Last Days (a.k.a. Graham Richardson’s) music explores personal themes of stasis and flux, escape and acceptance, security and upheaval. Drawing his moniker and ethos from the bittersweet emotions that often accompany periods of transition and loss, Last Days contrasts the intimacy of lonely field recordings and elementary instruments (a child’s accordion, a single repeated piano note) with cinematic shoegaze swells and complex, interlocking melodies created by the latest in digital technology. The resulting mixes are often melancholy, but ultimately hopeful, acting as musical elegies to the places we can no longer go.

Growing up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Richardson pursued music sporadically, playing drums for local bands before shifting his focus and detouring south to study graphic design. Completing his degree in 1997, he applied his trade in the mental health field but, after four rewarding, yet creatively stifling, years, decided to pack up his recently acquired PC, mic and guitar, and head north to Scotland. While the mood certainly preceded the move, Edinburgh’s darker, colder climate and close proximity to nature proved influential in developing Last Days signature blend of brooding synths and pastoral neo-folk. Inspired by the likes of Eluvium, Sigur Rós and Jasper TX, Richardson continued writing and revising in relative obscurity until February 2006 when he was discovered in Port-Royal’s Myspace friends list by Mike Cadoo (a.k.a. Bitcrush) of the Oakland-based n5MD Records. With nine tracks already in the can, the timing could not have been better, resulting in the release of Last Days full-length debut “Sea” just seven months later.

Noting his penchant for writing soundtracks to lonely, isolated places, Richardson devised a unifying narrative for “Sea”, which chronicles the hapless travels of a disillusioned man who, leaving his family behind, sets sail to find a new home. Through a combination of eerie, abstract set pieces, signpost song titles, and bleak cover art by Liam Frankland (another Myspace find), “Sea” captures the anxiety, confusion and yearning of a man lost at sea with only his ill-defined desires to guide him. Released to near-unanimous praise, Sea cemented Last Days reputation as a member to watch within the UK’s burgeoning electro-acoustic ambient scene.

Just months after the release of “Sea”, Richardson began writing material for its follow-up, a meditation on the inconstancy of “home.” Released on n5MD in early 2007, “These Places Are Now Ruins” finds Richardson in far more personal territory, tracing a semi-autobiographical trip through the resonant locales and experiences of his adolescence. Book-ended (save the closing epilogue “Traveling Hearts”) by “Stations” part 1 and 2, TPANR’s main body mourns the diminishing comforts afforded by fading memories and the lonely detachment that comes with discovering your “home” is no longer tethered to a tangible place. Opting for a warmer, more “realistic” approach, Richardson cuts back on the aimless synth washes of “Sea”, anchoring the majority of these musical snapshots (like the memories they’re exorcising) in the familiar realm of live instrumentation, intimate field recordings, and emotional post-rock builds.

For his third full length, “The Safety of the North” (2009, n5MD), Richardson has fully embraced his cinematic tendencies, expanding his creative palette to include spoken excerpts, a vocal collaboration with Fabiola Sanchez of Familiar Trees, and a “script-based” compositional approach. Drawing on a theme first explored in “Sea“‘s “Arrival at Jan Mayen” (in which its sailor is first excited by the prospect of a distant island home, then disappointed by its barren terrain), TSOTN tells the story of Alice, a young girl who leaves the city with her family to settle in the rural north. With a strict script in mind, Richardson divided the album into 15 “scenes”, scoring each with a new focus on the emotional states of his characters and the settings they inhabit. Using the same tools he employs on “Sea” (i.e. field recordings, song titles, and album art), along with snippets of dialogue, monologue and new instrumentation, Richardson guides the listener through Alice’s initial departure, hopeful beginnings and eventual tragedy.

With an approach both abstract and melodic, lo-fi and hi-tech, yearning and content, Last Days has consistently yielded music that, despite its largely digital origins, is all-together human.

ARTIST BIO - Vapourboat

Vapourboat Chile is the project of Nico Carcavilla, but when you first hear it, hard to think that somewhere in Chile could be born like this music.
In late 2007, on a sunny day, Nico Carcavilla (15 years) began to take shape this project Scotland, in which he plays all the instruments, and takes over full of letters. After recording several tracks and also win the Super 45 competition “New Sounds “, Nico is preparing to record their first album…

Note from Chief Kitty Amrick - I'd like to note that the adorable Nico was only 14 years old when he started recording these songs! Absolutely fantastic musician!

ARTIST BIO - The Night Song


Formed in late 2006, THE NIGHT SONG consist of two individuals who share a love of melancholic music, dystopic visions of the future, and late night city walks through post-regen Manchester.

Sounds Like:

“Topshop day-glo punk”, “gloomy as all-hell”, “the soundtrack to an apocalypse”, European futurism, Joy Division Mark II, Goth Rock without a baritone singer, punk-as-fuck-you vs. classicist restraint, the gestalt mentality.

ARTIST BIO - Final Boss

Studio / Recording band, mostly instrumentals, mostly guitars. Somewhat lo-fi. Formed 2001 in Pittsburgh. Now sort of in Montreal, Canada.

Primary influences are Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, Stone Roses, Sonic Youth, New Order.

Has a small following developed mostly through internet networking.

Looking to release lots of material, mostly online, with intermittent CD compilations. Also on the lookout for help - web designers/programmers, film-makers, visual artists, musicians, etc.

See About Final Boss at the main website for more info.

ARTIST BIO - The Blasted Mohab

The Blasted Mohab is Brandon Lindsey. He lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and writes/ records songs on a cheap four-track tape recorder whenever.


Ste McCabe is Manchester’s pop-punk, DIY, one-man-band, blending punk guitars, retro beats and a sarcastic view of the world with radical, queer, feminist lyrics. Ste’s been playing at various punk, indiepop, riot grrrl and DIY events in the UK since summer 2006 and his releases “Pink Bomb”, “Hate Mail” and “Murder Music” on super-cool Cherryade Records have wowed or annoyed musos and audiences around the country, full to the brim with powerpop disco-punk tunes whilst coming across somewhat like Pete Shelley and Billy Bragg disco-dancing with Le Tigre and Sleater-Kinney.

Become a Facebook fan of Ste McCabe here -

ARTIST BIO - Mayor Byrne

Mayor Byrne is the recording project of Kevin Moritz, a singer/songwriter born and raised in the suburbs of chicago. He played bass in the indie rock band geisert 8 (Peoria, IL) for 8 years, a barrage of beards, vans, floors, and general tomfoolery, before moving shop to his current residence in the rolling hills of Goodlettsville, TN. Often bearded, flanneled, sportcoated, and mocassined.

ARTIST BIO - The Paraffins

The Paraffins are a band from Scotland making scary but catchy primitive pop you can attempt to dance to with a rusty stringed acoustic guitar, an ancient beatbox, caveman drums, a melodica containing various waterborne diseases and god knows what else. Influenced by Wall Of Voodoo, Ariel Pink, Suicide and Kid Creole & The Coconuts among others. Members are Billy and whoever else.

ARTIST BIO - Dressed Like Wolves

In the third month of 2009, Rick found himself alone with lots of songs. He only knew four chords. A week later, he met Matt, who happened to have lots of instruments and a tape recorder. They bought some microphones, recorded a lot of songs, and then played some good and some not very good shows.

Rick continues to embark on his adventure of storytelling from picture books, daydreams and apparent religious menace (yeah don’t ask me either) while Matt continues to push the record button.

Rick - bassy acoustic/words/voice/chord organ/glockenspiel/casiotone 403/yamaha portasound/melodica

Matt - tapes/microphones/trebly acoustic/drums/accordion

ARTIST BIO - Roscoe Vacant

Roscoe Vacant is an alt.punk writer and performer from Cumnock in Ayrshire.

His music draws from a variety of influences, from punk rock and the avant garde through to traditional music, poetry and literature.

Since 2007, he has appeared as a solo performer, with guest musicians occasionally appearing on recordings and at live performances, including the respected Scottish blues musician Dave Arcari, one of Glasgow’s original 1978 punk bands - The Zips, as well as members of The Media Whores, Coco Bryce, Hateful and more.

From November 2010, Roscoe Vacant will be joined by David Burns (bass and backing vocals), Ross Gilchrist (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Norman Wilson (drums and backing vocals).

For more information and free, full length album downloads go to

ARTIST BIO - Vincent Nifigance

Vincent Nifigance is the recording name of an unknown independent musician based in Manchester, England, recording somewhat abstract and whimsical songs with a sometimes scatological, but undeniably melodic-bent on low grade instruments and recording equipment. His earliest output surfaced in 2006 and was received warmly, featuring on now defunct Internet Radio Show The DIY Chart Show broadcast from Brno in the Czech Republic, and also on Largehearted Boy. His debut release The Shambolic Fuzz-Pop ExtraOrdinary was released via the distribution arm of New York’s ’Olive Juice Music’ record label in May of 2007.

Working primarily in and around his home he is seen to be most active on his blog. He was initially associated with Manchester’s underground/alternative gay scene, playing his first, and at the time of writing, only performance, at one of the Kaffequeeria collective’s monthly events supporting transgender country singer Rae Spoon, at ‘The Basement’ in Manchester City Centre, England, in October of 2006.

He was then linked with New York’s continuing ‘Anti-Folk’ movement (perhaps owing solely to his association with Olive Juice Music , who boast output from artists such as Dufus, Prewar Yardsale, and founder Major Matt Mason USA ), although he himself seems loathe to pledge allegiance to any particular scene.

During 2008 he was rumoured to be working on a potentially grander scale than previously, on an ironic concept album entitled: The So-F*%king Sophoclean Sophomoronic Pretension The follow-up finally appeared in January ‘09, with its delay explained by its new title: The Self Fulfilling Secondary Stumbling Prophecy, and described by Major Matt Mason USA as having “A slightly more cinematic, whispery, rock opera slant.


Kitty Licks Vol. #5 brings us right up-to-date!
There was a huge gap between the previous 2 releases of Kitty Licks, and this was due to my being pregnant / having to raise a baby!
However, I wanted to make the comeback volume of Kitty Licks something really special - and I think you'll really love every musical-morsel Kitty Licks Vol. #5 has to offer!

Below is a short sample of all the tracks available on Kitty Licks Vol. #5 - but of course it is only available to hear in full when you make an order at!

But don't forget - KITTY LICKS VOL. #5 is absolutely FREE with any item/s purchased at - no strings attached! Visit the store today to peruse our extensive selection of vintage goodies, and to nab your free copy of the Kitty Licks Vol. #5 CD!

Kitty Licks Vol. #5 Sampler by Kittylickscd

(released May 2011)
1. Wavlngth - Headless Horseman   
2. In with Stars - Mike Downey    
3. Make Your Own Kind Of Music - Ste McCabe (with Maria & the Gay)
4. Little Crunchy Surprises -
The Paraffins    
5. All in the Reel of the Summer - Roscoe Vacant    
6. 45 RPM -
Lamb On Sunday    
7. Telephone Lines - Jake Lazovick   
8. Let You Go - Mayor Byrne    
9. Dog (Perspective) - Luno    
10. Everglow - Dressed Like Wolves 
11. Song for Holly - Eef Barzelay   
12. Hug, Hug (Bleuch) - Vincent Nifigance 


Kitty Licks Vol. #4 goes VIP - the first of the compilations to feature many "signed" artists. Not to say we neglected our unsigned friends, as even many of the signed artists are "underground" in terms of listenership. Kitty Licks Vol. #4 would pave the way for us being lucky enough to include signed artists on further compilations.

Each Kitty Licks CD is hand-made and carefully popped into each order as a gift to both the customer and the artists that appear on the CD. We make zero-profit from the CD, and in fact it actually costs us to produce them, however the joy of sharing glorious music with fellow vintage-lovers is indeed payment enough!

Below is a full-length mix of the tracks on Kitty Licks Vol. #4 - enjoy!
Kitty Licks Vol. #4 by Kittylickscd

(released November 2010)
1. Trying To Reach The Top Of The Lighthouse - Vapourboat      
2. Lame -
Major Matt Mason USA    
3. Hey 2-Eyes (feat. Dave End) - Elastic No-No Band       
4. Beware of the Whole Damn Everything... -
5. Sushi Lover -
Keyboard Cathy 
6. We grow. - Tinyfolk  
7. I Wanna Hit You -
R. Stevie Moore 
8. Pulsar - Vincent Nifigance  
9. Saber Rattling -
Evan Gumz  
10. A Hundred Faces From The Neon Forest -
The Night Song 
11. Jad Fair -
12. Everything Had Changed... -
Your Yellow Dress   
13. Heart In The Sand (With Two People Standing) -
The Danger Girl Starship  


Kitty Licks Vol. #3 has to be one of my favourite volumes to date, simply because it features such a wide-range of artists from so many different continents. Most poignantly many of the talented artists on Kitty Licks Vol. #3 have disappeared from the internet and no-longer make music. This saddens me greatly, and I hope that they will have the time/inspiration/enthusiasm to come back to music at some point in the future.

Each Kitty Licks CD is hand-made and carefully popped into each order as a gift to both the customer and the artists that appear on the CD. We make zero-profit from the CD, and in fact it actually costs us to produce them, however the joy of sharing glorious music with fellow vintage-lovers is indeed payment enough!

Below is a full-length mix of the tracks on Kitty Licks Vol. #3 - enjoy!
Kitty Licks Vol. #3 by kittynation

(released November 2008)
1. Good Morning Sunshine - Nicholas Ginbey  
2. Over the Brickwall -
3. Tayutau -
4. Hundred Tons of Little Things -
Little Crawling Things
5. La Pizza, Uy Que Horror! - Mr. Wings 
6. Transistor - Vincent Nifigance 
7. Black Monster! (demo) - Oh! Pony Show!  
8. Minimal Prime -
The Blasted Mohab
9. iGlasses - Abba Zabba  
10. Fell (Instrumental) -
The Night Song


Kitty Licks Vol. #2 was again to feature many of my musician friends, yet with the increase in popularity of the compilation, it was time to start spreading our wings a little further across the globe.

A musical around-the-world trip awaits you on Kitty Licks Vol. #2 - from Japan to the US of A, Chile, Germany and then back to the UK again in less than 30 minutes! :)

Each Kitty Licks CD is hand-made and carefully popped into each order as a gift to both the customer and the artists that appear on the CD. We make zero-profit from the CD, and in fact it actually costs us to produce them, however the joy of sharing glorious music with fellow vintage-lovers is indeed payment enough!

Below is a full-length mix of the tracks on Kitty Licks Vol. #2 - enjoy!
Kitty Licks Vol. #2 by kittynation

(released May 2008)
1. Zombie! - Merry Men
2. Super amazing powerforce nine! - Carlospresents...
3. Cloud 9 - Lamb (JPN)
4. Difibrillator - Harkness
5. In the End Electric - Whiff Focker
6. Diddley Dee/Drivin' In My Car Down The Road - Vincent Nifigance
7. Strange Loop - Final Boss
8. Funnels - Vapourboat
9. Lost and Beautiful - Commander
10. Travelling Heart - Last Days


Kitty Licks Vol. #1 was of course the first volume of Kitty Licks to be distributed via - having many friends whom create beautiful music of all genres, I knew the best way I could support them would be to help showcase their tracks with the world.

Each Kitty Licks CD is hand-made and carefully popped into each order as a gift to both the customer and the artists that appear on the CD. We make zero-profit from the CD, and in fact it actually costs us to produce them, however the joy of sharing glorious music with fellow vintage-lovers is indeed payment enough!

Below is a full-length mix of the tracks on Kitty Licks Vol. #1 - enjoy!
Kitty Licks Vol. #01 by kittynation

(released October 2009)
1. Best Damn Thing Ever - Vincent Nifigance
2. Do The V-Fingered Dance - Woolly Jumper Union
3. Mountain - The Blasted Mohab
4. Dead Man's Curve - The Master Chaynjis
5. Kitten Lover Good Mother - Oh! Pony Show!
6. Wildcat - Peaky Freet   
7. Pirates For Governors - The Blasted Mohab
8. Send in the Flowers - Kurt Torevell
9. Let Me Take Your Life (to be a part of the greater life) - Final Boss
10. Come Home -
Shelly Still
11. Didn't See It -
Final Boss
12. Untitled (Instrumental) -
The Night Song
13. Last Man On Earth -
The Master Chaynjis
14. Twinkle Town Morning/Wake-up -
Vincent Nifigance