Kitty Licks Vol. #2

Kitty Licks Vol. #2 was again to feature many of my musician friends, yet with the increase in popularity of the compilation, it was time to start spreading our wings a little further across the globe.

A musical around-the-world trip awaits you on Kitty Licks Vol. #2 - from Japan to the US of A, Chile, Germany and then back to the UK again in less than 30 minutes! :)

Each Kitty Licks CD is hand-made and carefully popped into each order as a gift to both the customer and the artists that appear on the CD. We make zero-profit from the CD, and in fact it actually costs us to produce them, however the joy of sharing glorious music with fellow vintage-lovers is indeed payment enough!

Below is a full-length mix of the tracks on Kitty Licks Vol. #2 - enjoy!
Kitty Licks Vol. #2 by kittynation

(released May 2008)
1. Zombie! - Merry Men
2. Super amazing powerforce nine! - Carlospresents...
3. Cloud 9 - Lamb (JPN)
4. Difibrillator - Harkness
5. In the End Electric - Whiff Focker
6. Diddley Dee/Drivin' In My Car Down The Road - Vincent Nifigance
7. Strange Loop - Final Boss
8. Funnels - Vapourboat
9. Lost and Beautiful - Commander
10. Travelling Heart - Last Days