Thursday, 16 June 2011

ARTIST BIO - Keyboard Cathy

It’s funny how a single movie can inspire us to pursue our dreams. “Keyboard Cathy” Wiegand wandered into the 2005 film adaptation of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and walked out not itching to travel through space, but humming “So Long & Thanks for All the Fish,” the whimsical end credits song by Irish singer Neil Hannon—who just so happens to be the frontman of one of her favorite groups, The Divine Comedy.

The versatile singer/songwriter had performed at live benefits for years and had amassed a large catalog of instrumentals in her Roland E-600, but that fish song—and her lifelong love of sushi—led “Keyboard Cathy” to dust off her dreams and record her clever, quirky, sublimely melodic debut indie album Inspiration in 2006. Her irresistible new seven song EP Sushi Lover features “So Long & Thanks For All The Fish” (in case you missed it the first time!), revamped takes of “Eternity” and “Give a Little More,” the brand new “Miracle Worker” (an incisive satire about her former life in the corporate world) and two versions of her trademark “Sushi Lover”—the original and a high spirited, “extra spicy” house remix by the San Antonio band Hyperbubble.

When “Keyboard Cathy” initially put together her often visited myspace page, she picked the categories of “pop,” “showtunes” and “other”; all of them apply to some degree, but none truly capture the magical mix of heartfelt songwriting and witty observational storytelling that defines the New Jersey based performer’s diverse repertoire.

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