Kitty Licks Vol. #5

Kitty Licks Vol. #5 brings us right up-to-date!
There was a huge gap between the previous 2 releases of Kitty Licks, and this was due to my being pregnant / having to raise a baby!
However, I wanted to make the comeback volume of Kitty Licks something really special - and I think you'll really love every musical-morsel Kitty Licks Vol. #5 has to offer!

Below is a short sample of all the tracks available on Kitty Licks Vol. #5 - but of course it is only available to hear in full when you make an order at!

But don't forget - KITTY LICKS VOL. #5 is absolutely FREE with any item/s purchased at - no strings attached! Visit the store today to peruse our extensive selection of vintage goodies, and to nab your free copy of the Kitty Licks Vol. #5 CD!

Kitty Licks Vol. #5 Sampler by Kittylickscd

(released May 2011)
1. Wavlngth - Headless Horseman   
2. In with Stars - Mike Downey    
3. Make Your Own Kind Of Music - Ste McCabe       
4. Little Crunchy Surprises -
The Paraffins    
5. All in the Reel of the Summer - Roscoe Vacant    
6. 45 RPM -
Lamb On Sunday    
7. Telephone Lines - Jake Lazovick   
8. Let You Go - Mayor Byrne    
9. Dog (Perspective) - Luno    
10. Everglow - Dressed Like Wolves 
11. Song for Holly - Eef Barzelay   
12. Hug, Hug (Bleuch) - Vincent Nifigance