Thursday, 16 June 2011


Kitty Licks Vol. #3 has to be one of my favourite volumes to date, simply because it features such a wide-range of artists from so many different continents. Most poignantly many of the talented artists on Kitty Licks Vol. #3 have disappeared from the internet and no-longer make music. This saddens me greatly, and I hope that they will have the time/inspiration/enthusiasm to come back to music at some point in the future.

Each Kitty Licks CD is hand-made and carefully popped into each order as a gift to both the customer and the artists that appear on the CD. We make zero-profit from the CD, and in fact it actually costs us to produce them, however the joy of sharing glorious music with fellow vintage-lovers is indeed payment enough!

Below is a full-length mix of the tracks on Kitty Licks Vol. #3 - enjoy!
Kitty Licks Vol. #3 by kittynation

(released November 2008)
1. Good Morning Sunshine - Nicholas Ginbey  
2. Over the Brickwall -
3. Tayutau -
4. Hundred Tons of Little Things -
Little Crawling Things
5. La Pizza, Uy Que Horror! - Mr. Wings 
6. Transistor - Vincent Nifigance 
7. Black Monster! (demo) - Oh! Pony Show!  
8. Minimal Prime -
The Blasted Mohab
9. iGlasses - Abba Zabba  
10. Fell (Instrumental) -
The Night Song

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