Thursday, 16 June 2011


Kitty Licks Vol. #4 goes VIP - the first of the compilations to feature many "signed" artists. Not to say we neglected our unsigned friends, as even many of the signed artists are "underground" in terms of listenership. Kitty Licks Vol. #4 would pave the way for us being lucky enough to include signed artists on further compilations.

Each Kitty Licks CD is hand-made and carefully popped into each order as a gift to both the customer and the artists that appear on the CD. We make zero-profit from the CD, and in fact it actually costs us to produce them, however the joy of sharing glorious music with fellow vintage-lovers is indeed payment enough!

Below is a full-length mix of the tracks on Kitty Licks Vol. #4 - enjoy!
Kitty Licks Vol. #4 by Kittylickscd

(released November 2010)
1. Trying To Reach The Top Of The Lighthouse - Vapourboat      
2. Lame -
Major Matt Mason USA    
3. Hey 2-Eyes (feat. Dave End) - Elastic No-No Band       
4. Beware of the Whole Damn Everything... -
5. Sushi Lover -
Keyboard Cathy 
6. We grow. - Tinyfolk  
7. I Wanna Hit You -
R. Stevie Moore 
8. Pulsar - Vincent Nifigance  
9. Saber Rattling -
Evan Gumz  
10. A Hundred Faces From The Neon Forest -
The Night Song 
11. Jad Fair -
12. Everything Had Changed... -
Your Yellow Dress   
13. Heart In The Sand (With Two People Standing) -
The Danger Girl Starship  

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