Monday, 27 June 2011

Kitty Questions : STE McCABE

Vibrant pop-punk politics glitter your ears, the candy-pink haze of a flailing Stratocaster catches the corner of your eye. Who could it be? He's the pro-feminist, cat-loving bubblegum-"queer" that you always dreamt existed.

1. What was the first record you personally bought?
Goodness, it was the debut album by Sinitta! I got it on tape when I was 8 and loved it for many years. I wish I'd have waited a few years to start buying music as answering this question is shameful.

2. Which male musician is the most inspirational to you?
Well despite the fact that Morrissey is slowly turning out to be a total wanker these days (did you hear those comments he made about Chinese people?), more or less everything he did with The Smiths and with his solo material I found to be the most beautiful inspiring pop music ever. Not many lyricists come close to his honesty and humour...and for that I have to continue to give him kudos for his past records. I just think in a personal sense he's let it all go to his head way too much and lots of his fans won't forgive that. Sadly I don't think I'll be supporting his new record.

3. Which female musician is the most inspirational to you?
Kathleen Hannah.  She made feminism something you can dance to, and her passion and rage is so inspiring to me. I have a lot of respect for her and give 10/10 for every single one of her bands and projects.

4. Speaking retrospectively, which film do you think you could soundtrack with your music?
I think 80's film "Who's That Girl" featuring Madonna. Fast paced, ridiculous and trashy. Despite my politics, musically that's a pretty good description of what I do.

5. Show us the most recent photograph of yourself.
This is me, my partner Lukasz and our friend Candy at Edinburgh Slutwalk last week.
6. Can you sum-up your music with a photograph?
Oh yes, this one was the cover of my last EP - sums it up perfectly I think!

7. Imaginary dream dinner party / night out - who would you invite and why?
I'd invite the girls (although I think women would be a more appropriate description now) from Shampoo, David Attenborough because I like his superior animal knowledge, Amanda Palmer because she seems like a laugh and Peter Tatchell to talk queer politics with when I inevitably got drunk (I have a habit of boring people with this last topic after 6 beers). I'm not sure they'd all get on but it'd be better than any Celebrity Big Brother ever was.

8. What is your top song on the theme of FOOD?
"Know Your Chicken" by Cibo Matto ("I know my chicken, you've got to know your chicken")

9. What's the funniest video you can find on Youtube?
This is surely the most ridiculous news story ever, and come to think of it, the news reporter is someone I'd like to add to the list of people I'm taking out on my dream dinner party/night out (see question 7)

10. Which 2 songs would you like played at your funeral?
 Well I've always said "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper is a must-have for any funeral, but I also think something depressing to make people wallow in their misery would be cruel but fun also, so I refer to an old Echobelly track about death called "Worms and Angels" here!

11. Can we have a photo of your record collection?
This is the bulk of my CD collection, although I have some vinyl and more CD's tucked away in another corner of the room.

12. If you were a super-hero, what would you be called, what would you look like and most importantly, what would your super power be?
Oh blimey, what a question! I'd be a great big fat swine called SuperPig, and I'd chase people down the road on my trotters, defecating pig poo at the speed of light at my enemies.

13. Draw me a picture of a cat.
My scanner is broke at the moment, so will this cute picture of our cats, Fox and Kathy, do instead?

14. Which song has the most positive and inspirational lyrics you can think of?
"Riot ladies, queers, let's fight. We won't judge but we might bite. Find a space with us tonight, find a space where we're alike"
(Faux Feminism by Manchester's best ever underground band, Vile Vile Creatures)